Case Study

We implemented an annual strategy for Starbucks Ready To Drink in Spain and Portugal. The objective was to increase penetration in order to capture new consumers, raise POS visibility, drive conversions and maximize online reach.

First, we created the general concept “lifestyle” related to the consumer’s everyday life, based on Starbucks’ mission “to inspire and nurture the human spirit”, without forgetting its purpose: that consumers enjoy themselves without losing the rhythm of life.

Knowing this and that consumers have an increasingly agile and constantly changing pace of life, we designed this campaign where Starbucks would provide users in trnd website useful content about travel, food, ecology, social networks, etc; while revealing how Starbucks ready to drink can be easily with them in every moment of their life.


How to increase awareness of 12 different products in a single year

We divided the plan in 6 phases, each focusing on a specific product group based on the brand’s objectives and the season of the year. Each part also had an umbrella concept that guided the influencers through the campaign.

5,600 consumers to spread the word online and offline

We selected more than 5,600 ambassadors who were iced coffee drinkers, lifestyle influencers and loved meeting up with friends and family. For the skinny and almond coffee, we also focused on lactose free and almond milk consumers.

In May we activated 550 nano & micro influencers in Spain to share their experience with the 5 different chilled classics showing how they helped them restart their day anytime, anywhere. During the summer, we selected 1,020 Spanish consumers for Skinny & Almond versions and 1,030 profiles for Frapucchino. They spread their voice saying that Starbucks was the cold brew coffee for your healthy summer.

Back from holidays, in September 1,010 influencers from Spain and 1,500 from Portugal boosted again the chilled classics showing how Starbucks helps you get back to routine. In October, 520 ambassadors shared their experience with Doubleshots and stated that this refreshing coffee kept them going through the day. Finally, we activated 510 nano & micro influencers for the Christmas special.

Thanks to 17,300 contents published on their social media, they achieved more than 17 million of potential brand impressions online. But their impact also extended to their offline life. They managed to generate 47,200 product trials reaching more than 1,6 million of unique persons.


Macro influencer profiles to intensify the campaign’s impact

To increase this project’s reach, we identified 18 macro influencers in Spain and 10 in Portugal who claimed that Starbucks RTD was perfect to be consumed anywhere, so they shared different moments where they drink it: in the car, travelling, working, walking in the park, chilling in the terrace. The results were amazing! They achieved more than 5,7 million of brand impressions online through 38 contents on Instagram, had 458K interactions and reached more than 3,5 million unique users.

Nano & Micro influencer

Macro influencers

Organic impressions

Contents online

Trials generated