Case Study
Innovage from ERN Laboratories

Innovage is an innovative line of nutricosmetics created by ERN Laboratories that helps achieve visible and real results. Nutricosmetics are food products that, when taken as a supplement to a healthy diet, have certain nutritional or physiological properties that positively affect the appearance of hair, nails, and skin, protecting and maintaining them in good condition. 

With the aim of increasing the awareness and consideration of Innovage Piel Colágeno Plus in the Spanish market to promote sell-out in pharmacies and e-commerce, we devised an influencer marketing strategy specially designed to impact Innovage’s target audience. This target audience was women over 35 years old looking to restore their skin’s natural state. 

3 professional content creators were selected to achieve the objectives 

3 macro influencers were the beauty ambassadors chosen to help Innovage achieve its goals. @paulacamaros (230K followers), @aishawari (245K followers), and @jessiekass (330K followers) have profiles focused on beauty, lifestyle, and wellness content; in addition to having a high percentage of Spanish audience. 

Their mission was to generate creative content on Instagram communicating the importance of caring for our inner beauty and how we can achieve it by incorporating Innovage into our daily lives. They created a reel and two sets of stories each, showing their routines and the activities they carried out while incorporating Innovage into their lifestyle on a daily basis. Additionally, they did an excellent job communicating the benefits and differential value of the product. 

1.5M unique users impacted 

At the end of the campaign, the 12 contents created by the professional content creators achieved +485K organic impressions and 3,952 clicks on the link redirecting to the Innovage website. To expand the reach of the UGC, we applied paid media boost to the best content, boosting the results: the total campaign impressions reached +1.6M (+25% vs initial goal) impacting 1.5M unique users. Additionally, +5k positive interactions (likes, comments, and saves) were achieved from their followers. 

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