Case Study
Hyséac 3 Regul+ from Lab. Uriage

At the end of 2023, we teamed up with Laboratories Uriage to develop an influencer marketing plan to raise awareness of their innovation Hyséac 3 Regul+ in the Spanish market. The focus was on the trending social media TikTok, where we found a younger audience.

Uriage is a dermatological laboratory that takes advantage of the properties of a unique thermal spring water providing triple barrier protection for the skin and treating different needs and pathologies in depth. Its product Hyséac 3 Regul+ corrects all types of imperfections in oily skin with acne tendency.


The key lies in the influencers selection

In order to achieve our objectives, we created a strategy with a mix of 10 macro & star influencers who had the mission to educate potential consumers about the ingredients and benefits of this product, as well as how to use it.

On one side, we selected 7 influencers with a prescriber’s profile. In this case, they were pharmacists and dermo-cosmetics specialists, who recommend and indicate the use of products on a daily basis. By using this type of profile, our objective was to enhance the credibility of the recommendations, as they were made by a professional. Among them were profiles such as @farmaceuticofernandez (with 3M followers on TikTok), @infarmarte (951K followers) and @alvaroplaton (914K followers).

On the other hand, we invited 3 influencers who share content related to skincare (@nadiskin and @masbearzt) and lifestyle (@its.pauladiaz).


+13,3M impressions to boost product awareness

The content creators showed how to use the product, explaining its composition and benefits for rebalancing the acne microbiome and reducing imperfections in just 4 hours. By the end of the campaign, the 15 pieces of content generated by the brand’s experts reached +870,000 views organically, which was boosted with paid media achieving +13,3M impressions in total. We achieved +1,290 hours of video streaming on TikTok, with an engagement rate of 8.7%.

Our ambassador communities were delighted with the content and shared positive comments about the product in the videos:

“What a top product! I’d love to try it”
“I think it’s great that it regulates the microbiome, it is so cool”.


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