Why brands should invest in long-term collaborations with influencers

Collaboration long terme influenceurs

Written by Justine Lailler

December 12, 2023

For a long time, influencer marketing was perceived as a tactical lever to be occasionally integrated within a marketing plan. Today, brands are adopting a more strategic perspective to address all of their challenges, solidifying relationships with influencers. Three essential elements emerge in these collaborations: authenticity, trust, and credibility, qualities that flourish particularly in long-term partnerships. In this article, TERRITORY Influence delves into the reasons why brands should invest in long-term collaborations with influencers.

Long-term collaborations with influencers can offer several significant advantages for businesses and brands. Here are some key benefits:

Enhanced Authenticity and Credibility

Long-term collaborations play a crucial role in the development and reinforcement of authenticity. By allowing influencers to genuinely integrate the brand into their daily lives, these partnerships go beyond mere short-term promotions. This deep integration is reflected in authentic recommendations, as influencers incorporate the brand’s products or services into their everyday lives. This authenticity is noticeable to their audience, thereby strengthening trust in their opinions. The bond between the influencer and their audience is solidified through the sincerity coming from these collaborations. On the brand’s side, working with the same influencer over an extended period ensures a consistent brand representation, contributing to fortifying its image in the minds of consumers.
This strategy promotes enduring credibility by establishing a positive and authentic connection between the brand and the influencer, resulting in greater trust from the audience.

Last October, Inès Duhard, a French content creator with over 100,000 followers on Instagram, shared with us that many brands are now offering long-term collaborations, providing influencers with the opportunity to become a real brand ambassadors.

A long-term collaboration is obviously more interesting, even for the influencer, because it strengthens our credibility and allows us to become part of a brand’s DNA.

Stronger Brand-Influencer Relationship

Over time, influencers who regularly engage with a brand can develop a deeper understanding of its values, mission, and target audience. This profound familiarity goes beyond mere knowledge of products and services, allowing influencers to fully grasp the brand’s objectives and DNA. Such in-depth understanding provides influencers with the opportunity to tailor their content more precisely, reflecting the brand’s identity authentically.
This closer connection promotes a natural integration of products or services into influencers’ content, thereby reinforcing the impact of campaigns. Furthermore, the strong relationships established over time facilitate communication between the brand and influencers. This effective communication promotes transparency and enables increased responsiveness to market changes or evolving brand needs.


More Creative and Engaging Content

Long-term collaborations with influencers prove beneficial for brands in generating more creative and engaging content. The growing familiarity influencers have with their audience allows them to better understand what resonates most with them. This in-depth knowledge results in increased creative flexibility in presenting the brand, allowing adjustments based on feedback from their followers. Additionally, influencer followers are naturally more inclined to engage with content that presents a brand in a familiar manner. Long-term collaborations establish a closer connection between the influencer and their audience, thereby stimulating engagement by reinforcing trust and consistency in brand communication. This strategic approach promotes the creation of more relevant and captivating content, benefiting both the influencer and the brand.

Access to a Broader Audience

Influencers’ followers are often active and receptive, providing an ideal platform for promoting a brand’s products or services. A long-term partnership allows the brand to establish a regular presence among these captivated audiences, offering continuous opportunities to reach new demographics.
The dynamic nature of influencer communities, continually growing, presents a major advantage for brands. By collaborating with an influencer over an extended period, a brand can leverage the organic expansion of the influencer’s follower base over time. This results in a natural widening of the brand’s potential audience, particularly beneficial for boosting brand awareness and fostering long-term growth.

Potentially Reduced Costs

In some cases, influencers may be inclined to offer preferential rates for long-term partnerships, especially if they value the stability and continuity of the relationship. The value of this extended collaboration can be mutually beneficial: brands have the opportunity to benefit from competitive rates, while influencers appreciate the financial stability and long-term advantages provided by an ongoing relationship.

By opting for sustainable collaborations, brands have the chance to negotiate economically advantageous agreements, reflecting the long-term value the influencer brings to their brand image. This strategic approach promotes a win-win relationship, where the brand gains constant visibility and consistent representation, while the influencer is rewarded with more favorable contractual terms. Ultimately, this dynamic can lead to more cost-effective partnerships and a successful long-term collaboration between the brand and the influencer.


In Summary

Influencer marketing is evolving towards a strategic approach, transforming long-term collaborations into a major asset for 2024. Key benefits include strengthened authenticity, a robust brand-influencer relationship, creative content, continuous access to a broad audience, and potentially reduced costs. However, success relies on the relevance of the influencer choice, the quality of content, and effective relationship management with the brand. Embracing this strategy allows brands to solidify their presence, establish fruitful relationships, and maximize long-term benefits.

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