Case Study

We teamed up with yoUBe to help them increase awareness on their new products and make the brand known within their target in Italy. yoUBe Cosmetics was created to transform the concept of skin care: simple, adaptable and functional beauty routine.

2 teams to reach different target groups

Out of 4,485 applications on our TRND.it community, we manually selected 180 micro unpaid influencers. As we needed to boost with two different product ranges, we created one consumer group for each target group.

For the cleansing range created for a younger target, we selected 90 women aged 28 years old on average; and for the anti-aging range designed for an older group, we activated 90 women aged 41 years old on average. All the profiles already used facial products more than once a day.

134 consumers opinions and insights turned into brand claims

The creators received one of the product kits accordingly. The cleansing one included a glow tonic and a purifying face scrub, while the anti-aging kit had eye and lip contour cream, as well as a day and night treatment.

After trying the product and gaining expertise, they received different missions to share their experience on their social media profiles through qualitative contents. They educated their followers about the step-by-step skin care routine with yoUBe and its benefits. At the end of the project, they shared their opinion about the products and the brand used these feedbacks as claims on their website. In total, they created 134 authentic claims!

“The products leave the skin well hydrated, lifted and very nourished. The day and night combo is fantastic! Super recommended!”
influencer from anti-age group.

“I was amazed by the glow tonic for the visibly healthy skin, and I also love the scrub because it deep cleanses and closes the pores. These 2 products are great!”influencer from cleansing group.


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