Case Study
E-commerce Zalando

We helped Zalando, a clothes and accessories e-commerce, to increase their awareness in Italy and push trials among potential consumers in order to convert online surfers and offline buyers into online buyers. We also wanted to gather valuable insights from potential consumers about possible purchases barriers.

WOM as an effective strategy to grow brand awareness

The campaign concept developed by TERRITORY Influence started with a full survey to collect massive amounts of consumer data. The survey included questions about online shopping related topics and was open for the whole Italian community.

Then, we selected a team of 5,000 nano influencers who weren’t Zalando users, aged between 18 – 50 years, 60% female and 40% male. We educated them about the convenience of online shopping and turned them into brand ambassadors through intense 1:1 dialogue.

We used the positive effect of personal recommendations and credible Word of Mouth to trigger new online shop registrations. As one of the main objectives was also to drive highly targeted shop trial, the ambassadors received a 25€ online shop coupon for themselves and 20% discount coupons to share with friends and family that didn’t shop at Zalando yet.

+50K insights from a consumers’ survey

We also gathered valuable consumer insights that help Zalando identify possible purchase barriers, strengths and opportunities for its online shop from its target group. In total, 51,724 survey participants provided insights and feedback, turning into a major source of consumer data and knowledge. The main purchase barriers were the concerns about size and proper fit of clothing as well as the missing possibility to touch clothes.

“Getting to know our customers and potential customers is our priority. Understanding the real needs of consumers allows us to constantly improve our services and offers – it is for this reason that we are particularly satisfied with the campaign. It was a successful collaboration that helped us not only to gain insightful feedback, but also in reaching new customers through effective word of mouth.”Lucia Ciarambino, Local Brand Manager, Zalando


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