Case Study

What is Sezamo?

With +7,000 references, is an italian food e-commerce service that delivers all kind of groceries to consumer’s doorstep within three hours from the moment they place their order. They are part of the large Rohlik group, one of the most important food e-commerce platforms in Europe.

Influencer strategy for new openings

This online shopping revolution arrived in Milan and sought to grow in the Italian market. Therefore, we developed a campaign to increase Sezamo’s awareness in Italy during the #BackToSchool period, one of the biggest selling seasons for the brand, by recruiting new consumers through product trials, education about the brand’s differential and values, and peer recommendations.

First, we selected 205 nano influencers on aligned with the brands requirements. They were men and women living in Milan who were already used to purchase online. All were new Sezamo users and valued speed, product variety and quality over price. In fact, 51% did not know the brand before the campaign.

Turning content creators into brand ambassadors

Through a video tutorial, we guided the ambassadors in the process of registration and purchase to facilitate their participation and customer journey. Once they were registered, they tested the service by making a purchase using a 40€ value credit we gave them. Then, using specific call to actions, blog posts and dedicated triggers, we invited them to share their experience and opinion in their social media profiles and with their friends and family. A creative Instagram trigger combined with original content tips boosted the content production on social media.

The service was quickly adopted by the content creators and they left positive testimonials on Sezamo’s webpage. Finally, they shared their feedbacks about the service features.

 “Sezamo has an endless product choice as well as very high quality for both fresh and packaged products, very fast service (less than 3h for my delivery). One aspect I loved is the anti-waste products section. Really a wonderful discovery!” Ambassador


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