Case Study
Cetaphil® SUN Kids SPF50+

In 2021, we created awareness for Cetaphil® SUN Kids SPF50+ with a perfect combination of real-life experience shared offline & online through Nano Influencers and creative such as educational content with Macro Influencers.

98 % would recommend Cetaphil® SUN Kids SPF50+ to their friends.

1,500 Nano Influencers in Germany and Austria had the opportunity to try Cetaphil® SUN Kids SPF50+ in their sun care routine. 

They shared their and their kids’ experiences and enthusiasm about the product and spread the word online and offline: with educational content about the usage and benefits of Cetaphil® SUN Kids SPF50+, trustworthy User Generated Content such as Ratings & Reviews. On top, 4 Macro Influencers created awareness and generated reach for Cetaphil® SUN Kids SPF50+ with inspirational and creative content on Instagram with Posts and Stories.

Watch the video below for more results:

Nano Influencers

Macro Influencers

Brand Impressions

Recommendation Rate