Case Study

Just in time for spooky season …

Ravensburger AG has been providing fun games and puzzles for over 140 years and is internationally renowned for its board games and, above all, puzzles. With their new “Puzzle x Crime” series, they have now launched a new, exciting mystery puzzle on the market that skillfully combines puzzle fun and a crime mystery feeling. 

In fall 2023, we launched an awareness campaign together with Ravensburger for two puzzles from their new “Puzzle X Crime” series in Germany. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of the new puzzle series online and offline and to inform people about the special features of the puzzles. Players first have to piece together the crime scene before they can reconstruct the series of events step by step. The experiences of the campaign should be captured in UGC, ratings and reviews. 

A nano-macro mix of puzzle and quiz heads

In order to receive direct feedback from consumers and simultaneously generate a high level of visibility for Ravensburger puzzles, we relied on an influencer mix of nanos and macros. We carefully selected 200 nano influencers, including participants with children aged 9 or older. They could choose between two different crime puzzles and received a detailed manual in addition to the product. We also activated German macro influencer, Leon Pelz, a game and puzzle enthusiast. 

Traffic driver provides + 300 link clicks

The puzzles achieved a high level of awareness both online and offline. The products were also rewarded with an excellent recommendation rate of 100%! The Instagram content (stories + reel) of macro influencer, Leon Pelz, was also very well received by his community. For additional visibility, we placed an ad boost on Instagram for both the nano and macro campaign. As a result, we generated numerous interactions and almost 300 link clicks for Ravensburger “Puzzle x Crime”. 

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