Case Study

In October 2020, the French tech company launched a new offer combining virtual stories on the Dipongo app and creative notebooks to develop creativity of children between 4 and 8 years old. Together with 400 nano & 20 micro influencers on, we supported this innovation by triggering peer-to-peer recommendations, online content and reviews on the app downloading platforms (Android & IOS). The campaign was also the opportunity to collect feedback & insights to guide the brand in terms of product development.

91% approved the new product and “phygital” experience.

We have passed on Dipongo’s expertise to a team of committed influencers who share the brand values and interests. After two weeks of intensive education, they got to discover the service in real-life with a free 2-month subscription. Meaning that each month, they received one new story to activate on their app and 1 corresponding printed notebook. We followed up their adventures via our TRND campaign blog (13 articles, 8 creative workshops) and newsletters. In short, we managed “to develop together a committed community on a larger scale” than what Dipongo was able to do on their own – stated Manon Roux, Marketing & Communication Manager. She also explained:

“Beyond the fact that we did not have the internal resources to carry out such a large-scale operation, it seemed essential to be accompanied to structure our campaign and measure its impacts. In addition to continuing to develop our awareness, with this influencer campaign, we tackled a major educational challenge. The concept of our product is based on a physical and digital experience and is new to the children’s market. All the work and content posted by the agency before the activation allowed an optimal experience for the selected nano and micro-influencers, but also for us, because they understood and adhered to the concept and knew how to use our product. We were also able to select a community that shared our values, which was very important to us.”

Manon Roux concluded that “In addition to all the content and opinions generated during the campaign, which we will leverage on our different platforms, we managed to create exchanges and a real link with the influencers. Our 2021 objective is to continue to strengthen this community, not only because they speak better about us than we do, but also because they help us to improve our product by communicating their expectations and needs. And what could be better than seeing our product become part of the daily lives of its users and being able to continue to make it evolve thanks to them?” 

Dipongo x Territory Influence
Dipongo x Territory Influence
Dipongo x Territory Influence
Dipongo x Territory Influence

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