Case Study

Just before Black Friday 2020, we supported a French Tech start-up that made a name for itself at the CES of Las Vegas. To increase its brand visibility and improve its online e-reputation, we activated different types of profiles: Nano (< 1,000 followers) to publish new product ratings & reviews on its e-shop platform, and unpaid Micro Influencers (in that case, between 1,000 and 30K followers) to address its target groups on social media. Instagram and Twitch were the two key platforms. Because product education is critical when it comes to a brand new category, especially High-Tech, an intensive dialogue was put in place with the influencers. The selection was also aligned with the product benefits and uses: music, video game and film enthusiasts who were all equipped to live the vibration experiences at home.


2 influencer categories and 3 teams to leverage online strengths!

Raphaël Guichard (Co-Founder) stated: “The objective was to work on the visibility of BassMe through the publication of authentic content on social media and to reassure consumers thanks to the ratings & reviews available on the website. The experience was very conclusive, we created real BassMe experiences at home with the discovery of the different product uses to ensure its adhesion. The content generated (posts, stories, live streaming), as well as the testimonials on our e-shop, are very positive and satisfactory!”

Regarding the collaboration with Territory Influence, Raphaël Guichard (Co-Founder) explained that:

It went very well! The proposals and choices of the various content creators were very relevant. The campaign went perfectly with a team that was always attentive and responsive. I recommend them to any business that wants to make a quick impact in the world of influencer marketing and have precise results. We are very satisfied with this collaboration!

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Nano & Micro Influencers

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