Case Study

Early 2022, Spontex, a household and cleaning products company, trusted us again in this case to help them spread the voice about the effectiveness of their hand protection products in Italy. The objective was to increase their awareness behind authentic and qualitative content on social media to generate online buzz.

We chose the perfect influencers for the brand

We selected 500 ambassadors within the brand’s target group on our platform: purchase decision makers, parents and very concerned about hygiene inside and outside the house. Also, 100% used hand sanitizer daily.

A combination of WOM and online UGC to increase brand awareness 

Each ambassador got an unique code to buy a starter kit on Spontex e-shop and received Gloves Pocket, Hand Mousse Disinfectant and a discount code to share with friends and followers to help them spread the word, not only online, but also offline.

Ambassadors succeeded in getting people to know about Spontex’s effectiveness   

By the end of the campaign, the influencers had published 2,397 contents online with the hashtag #InBuoneManiConSpontex, which enable more than 50K interactions on social media. They also reached +69K unique contacts offline by personal recommendation.

After the experience, 95.2% ensure they would recommend Spontex to their peers and 86,5% said they would buy the products after the campaign. Furthermore, 87.4% agreed that Spontex products are more effective than competitors’ ones and rated the Spontex products 8.7/10.


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