Case Study
Fisiocrem by Uriach

Uriach is a company that believes in the power of nature, enhanced by science, as the best and most sustainable way to improve human health and well-being. They offer consumers the best natural products, based on strong science and innovation.

Among them is Fisiocrem, an effective and natural solution for preparing, recovering and treating joints and muscles. The frenetic pace of our lives can often lead to muscle discomfort, joint pain or minor injuries without us even realising it. Fisiocrem offers a wide range of products to prevent injuries and to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Influencer marketing campaign to achieve Fisiocrem’s strategic goals

In 2023, Uriach was looking to increase awareness and loyalty of its Fisiocream brand, as well as educate about the use and benefits of the products in this range in the Italian and Portuguese markets. To achieve these objectives, we devised an influencer marketing campaign that would include the generation of qualitative content on social media, word-of-mouth recommendation in the offline world and the creation of ratings and reviews on strategic websites.

We would focus on two products within the range: Solugel and Cannabis. The target audience for both products were active people over 25 years old, but in the case of Solugel they also tended to have occasional muscular discomfort (due to stress, sport or daily activities), while for Cannabis it was people who suffer from regular pain or discomfort lasting more than 3 months (due to fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, arthritis, sciatica, regular back pain…).


+1,000 influencers published their experiences with Fisiocrem

Our influencer marketing strategy then included 500 nano and micro influencers in Portugal, along with 500 nano and micro unpaid influencers and 9 micro and macro paid influencers in Italy. These professional content creators, including @unamammafisioterapista, @pietro.marconi.fisioterapista and @claudia__casanova, had profiles related to physiotherapy, sport and yoga.

The unpaid influencers were carefully selected within our and consumer communities, based on a detailed application survey to ensure that they meet the target description for each product.

A campaign with real conversions in both the online and offline world

After educating all participants about the benefits and ways to use Fisiocrem products, we invited them to share their experience on their social media profiles with high quality content. They shared with their followers their daily activities and how they applied Fisiocrem before and after, highlighting the benefits. The nano and micro influencers have uploaded in total more than 1,000 posts in both countries, reaching +3.1M organic impressions.

On the other hand, we encouraged them to share 9,000 samples with their family and friends, explaining how to use it and the key benefits of using it. With their word-of-mouth recommendations they reached +209K people in the offline world.


Boosting the campaign with online reviews (and getting key insights from consumers)

Finally, we got them to share their opinion on the natural products e-commerce Naturitas. They wrote a total of 827 reviews, rating both products with more than 4.8/5.

We asked them what they thought of the products and for both of them they highlighted their effectiveness and the relief they bring. For example, for Solugel they wrote “The ideal solution for those who don’t want to stop exercising. It helps us recover for the next day. With Fisiocrem there is no excuse not to train!”, while for Cannabis they highlighted: “I fell in love with this cream, the effect is immediate and the feeling of relief and relaxing is instantaneous”. This was reflected in the recommendation rate of the products: 92% said they would recommend Solugel to their peers, as did 95% for Cannabis.

Regarding the paid influencers, their 43 professional content on Instagram and the paid media boost used to leverage the best content resulted in 1.6M incremental impressions. Therefore, the campaign achieved a total of +4.8M impressions.

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Social media contents

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