Case study
so!flow by vis plantis

We had the pleasure of collaborating with so!flow by Vis Plantis, a renowned hair care product manufacturer, whose products align with the PEH balance concept. The campaign’s objective was not only to increase sales but also to expand the brand’s visibility online by generating authentic interest and creating valuable content from consumers.

Our Strategy

Mobilization of Micro Influencers: We collaborated with 1,000 micro influencers who have influential profiles on social media. Their task was to create authentic content reflecting their real experiences with so!flow products.

Education and Collaboration: A key element was educating influencers about the benefits of the products. The educational materials provided enabled a deeper understanding of the products and their unique properties related to the PEH balance concept.

Analysis and Measuring Effectiveness: Systematic reporting of the influencers’ activities and monitoring the online community’s reactions allowed for continuous analysis of the campaign’s effectiveness. We focused on metrics such as engagement, reach, and conversion.

A total reach of 13.26 mln

The results of our campaign exceeded all expectations. The brand ambassadors published 1,892 unique pieces of content, achieving a total reach of 13.26 million. A staggering 99% of campaign participants expressed willingness to recommend so!flow products, and 97% declared their intention to purchase in the future.


Thanks to the strategic use of micro influencers, this campaign enabled so!flow by Vis Plantis to build a stronger online presence and strengthen customer relationships. The education of influencers and their engagement produced authentic and valuable content, significantly impacting brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Check out the KPI´s down below.

TERRITORY Influence_Kampania dla so!flow

Online Reach


Nano & Micro Influencers


Purchase Intention

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