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THRU+ and Micro Influencers: A Successful Campaign in the Field of Medical Marketing

In our recent collaboration, we had the honor of working with the renowned medical brand, THRU+, which specializes in manufacturing medical devices that utilize advanced TENS therapy mechanisms for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Our primary goal for this campaign was to increase the brand’s visibility online by leveraging authentic and high-quality content created by micro influencers.


Our challenge was to create a campaign that not only promoted THRU+ brand products but also built trust and credibility among potential customers. To achieve this, we decided to harness the potential of micro influencers whose authenticity and passion could capture the attention of the target audience.


The campaign involved as many as 150 micro influencers, including sports enthusiasts who expressed their trust in the THRU+ brand and its products. Each of these influencers had the opportunity to test and share their experiences with the product on their personal Instagram and Facebook profiles.


Throughout the campaign, participants created an impressive 334 unique pieces of content, which they shared on their social media profiles. These contents attracted the attention and engagement of a vast number of users, resulting in a combined online reach of 1.4 million viewers.

Furthermore, after the campaign concluded, we conducted a participant opinion survey. The results were extremely promising: a whopping 97% of micro influencers would recommend THRU+ products to their friends and family, demonstrating that the product had gained significant trust among our ambassadors. Equally important, 82% of them expressed a strong interest in purchasing THRU+ products in the future, translating into the long-term success of the brand.

In summary, the micro influencer campaign for the THRU+ brand delivered outstanding results in terms of significantly increasing brand visibility, building customer trust, and boosting potential sales. Collaborating with authentic and passionate influencers was the key to the success of this campaign.


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TERRITORY Influence_medical influencer marketing
TERRITORY Influence_medical influencer marketing
TERRITORY Influence_medical influencer marketing
TERRITORY Influence_medical influencer marketing


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