How to measure success in influencer marketing?

How to measure success in influencer marketing

Written by Barbara MUTANI

August 28, 2023

Measuring success in influencer marketing 

Assessing the measurement of influencer marketing campaigns continues to pose a challenge for marketers who aim to gain concrete and data-backed insights into their efforts. In this article, we ask you some questions on the subject. Can you answer them all?

During our decades of experience, we have answered many questions from marketers: Which KPIs should I keep an eye on for my targets? How do I make sure I select the right influencers? Most importantly, when and how do I analyse my campaign data? Today, we make a short list of points you must have in mind when thinking about your next influencer campaign. Be sure to download our latest free eBook to deepen your knowledge on the topic! 

#1 Defining objectives and KPIs 

Make your campaign objectives clear from the beginning: they provide direction, focus, and alignment to ensure that the campaign delivers the desired outcomes. Each objective needs its own KPIs so that the progress of the campaign can be constantly monitored. 

 The most common objectives of campaigns with influencers are: 

  • conversions and sales 
  • brand awareness  
  • brand engagement 

🌟  Can you name at least three KPIs for each of these objectives? 

Discover them all. 

#2 Select the correct type of influencer

Each influencer profile has specific characteristics that distinguish it from others. It is important to know these characteristics in order to be able to select only those suitable for the brand’s needs. At Territory Influence we divide the vast world of influencers into four categories: 

– Star influencers (paid) 

– Macro influencers (paid) 

– Micro influencers (paid) 

– Nano influencer (paid) 

🌟 Do you know why you should create synergies between influencer categories? 

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#3 Measure constantly (not just at the end!)

Although the conclusions are drawn at the end, measurement must also take place at other stages of the campaign. This is because data on the situation before, during, and after the campaign must be constantly measured. This is especially true for campaigns that monitor the increase in ROI. 

Since 2016, we at Territory Influence have monitored more than 50 ROI-focused campaigns together with leading big data provider Circana (formerly IRI). 

Here is an overview of the important data we obtained: 

How to measure success in influencer marketing

🌟  Do you know how to certify an increase in ROI related to an influencer marketing campaign? 

Get all the answers you are looking for about measuring a successful influencer campaign.