Case Study
Rilastil Gel-Cream Aqua Intense 72h

Rilastil Dermatological Laboratory belongs to the Italian Ganassini Institute Group, which is recognised for its quality, innovation in formulation and eco-sustainable commitment. They are experts in the creation of products formulated for the needs of each skin and stage, combining efficacy, safety and sensoriality. And this is certainly the case for its product Gel-Cream Aqua Intense 72h, an intensive moisturizer.

At the beginning of 2023, we created an influencer marketing campaign to increase the notoriety and consideration of this product, aiming to gain new consumers in the Spanish market. Because it includes hyaluronic acid, hydraboost and ceramides, the Gel-Cream Aqua Intense 72h guarantees intensive hydration for every stage and every skin types, even the most sensitive.


Not only big celebrities are relevant to boost your marketing strategy

Rilastil wanted to reach women between 25 and 45 years old with different types of skin. We selected then 200 nano & micro influencers on our community who were women with 34 years old on average and had mixed skin types. 70% of them didn’t know the brand Rilastil and considered that had dehydrated skin, specially in winter. 73% also kept a daily facial care with different products.

Furthermore, we selected 4 professsional content creators (3 macro and 1 star influencer) who usually created content focused on fashion, lifestyle or beauty. So, in this campaign we leverage on the entire influence pyramid. Discover the main benefits of this strategy in our free cheat sheet.


Consumer education as a basis for this holistic campaign

Every participant received one gel-cream, samples and information of the product. They tried it and shared online, specially on Instagram, the results on their skin after using this gel cream. We specifically asked the participants to create content showing that they consider Rilastil a must-have in their handbags, specially during winter, and, later, they educated their followers about the difference between dry and dehydrated skin: Dehydrated skin is a skin that lacks water and can affect all skin types. In other words, it is not a skin type but a skin condition.

After uploading their experience in their own social media profiles, the unpaid profiles achieved 3,2M impressions between organic and paid media boost, while the paid influencers reached +536K impressions with 1 reel and 3 stories each, significantly boosting brand awareness and consideration. Offline, the ambassadors gave 4,747 peer-to-peer real recommendations. By the end of the campaign, they were really convinced by Rilastil: 75% stated they already included this product in their daily routine, highlighting how it moisturized their skin, with 93% validating the USP “Rilastil Aqua Intense 72h is the perfect moisturizer for every skin type“.


Nothing better than the client feedback to understand the campaign’s impact

Not only the influencers were happy with the campaign and the product, but the client itself showed their approval, after a hugh sales success:

“Getting closer to people and helping them to listen to their skin; these are the main achievements we have made with the campaign together with Territory Influence. This action has allowed us to help people better understand their skin’s needs and the importance of keeping it hydrated. Thanks to the fantastic work done by the Territory team, we were able to confirm that there is no message more powerful than the one conveyed by a consumer with a good product experience. The action carried out has helped Aqua Intense to position itself as the fastest growing brand in facial moisturising, substantially increasing its sales.”Anahí Gil, Marketing Manager Iberia Rilastil

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