The value of repurposing influencer content

Written by Orsolya Bakos

June 7, 2021

Content coming from influencers, no matter of the size (could be nano, micro, macro or star) is a valuable asset for brands. Many brands already showcasing these pieces of UGC on social media or other channels, but this is still not obvious resource for all. Here is a short summary on where and why can brands benefit from influencer content:

1. Organic content on Social media

If you have attractive UGC on social media channels, you can repost those photos directly on your feed, mixing up with your own messages, packshots and curated content in order to have a more authentic look&feel. Another perk is that influencers are creative indivituals who can provide savvy photos or videos for a much lower price than you would pay for content produced by professionals.


2. Website

You can simply repurpose photos, testimonials and ratings on your brand website, telling your story from the perspective of your target groups. According to a study, 82% have either purchased, researched or considered purchasing a product or service after seeing friends, family or influencers post about it, so let’s showcase those great reviews and photos!


3. Email marketing

You can have a much diverse communication if you mix in influencer content to your newsletters too. Another study found that the influencer-generated content increased email click-through rates by 37%, and you might not want to miss this opportunity. You don’t need to use only UGC/influencer content for your emails, but they should be part of your concept.

4. Product packaging & offline POS

Although this option might look like strange, you can generate ratings, reviews and claims that could be highlighted directly on your packaging (maybe on an extra sticker), or POS. As for the online POS you have digital content, you might want to reinforce that peer-to-peer influence at your offline POS too. The digital and offline content mix could work wonders together, making a stronger impact. With our nano influencer campaigns you can directly generate claims for recommendation rate.

Be more authentic through influencer content!

Long term influencer partnerships should be part of your production plan, because loyal brand ambassadors and individuals who share your values can endorse your brand autentically and in a relatable way. Influencer content is driving purchasing decisions besides creating more awareness. Also, don’t forget that consumer content (which is nano/micro influencer content) is 76% more trustworthy than brand advertising.

Do you want to boost influencer content for your brand?

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