6 Tips For Your 2022 Christmas Marketing Strategy

Written by Juliette Maumelat

October 27, 2022

After giving you 6 key insights to apply to your marketing strategy for this holidays season, here’s part 2 so you can finish the year successfully!


6 Tips To Enhance Your Marketing Strategy This Holiday Season

1. Take the holiday joy to social media 

Connect with your audience and customers by capturing the spirit of Christmas and create content that is joyful, personal, and relatable. Involve customers in your holiday traditions and activity, and show how your business is celebrating Christmas and how you are preparing for it. Share behind-the-scenes content of your team preparing for the holiday rush, packing products, and sharing tips. Content doesn’t necessarily have to be product focused: you could share a IG reel about the team decorating the office Christmas tree. But also, don’t forget to inform consumers about your product offerings and how are you making sure they have a joyful hassle-free Christmas shopping experience with your brand. This would allow you to connect with the audience on a personal level and create a long-lasting emotional connection and positive interaction with your brand.

2. Co-create memorable experiences with your consumers 

Deliver a customer festive shopping and brand experience to be remembered. Think outside the box and involve your customers in developing your marketing activities. Ask them what they need this festive season and what brings them excitement during the holiday and use their answers to personalize your offers and campaigns to their needs. For instance, you can organize 12 Days of Christmas where consumers choose the product of the day. Other great options include exclusive holiday offers, hosting festive events and live streams with influencers, and giveaway contests, leveraging both online and offline channels. This creates excitement and product demand while driving positive brand experience and WOM.

3. Personalize product offers and offer freebies 

Leverage the power of analytics to segment your customers based on their income levels, preferences, and willingness to purchase, and adapt your product offers and digital ads to each specific group. Consider creating bundles, offers or coupons for lower-income consumers, as they are more affordable options, and redirect them to your e-commerce or retail store. Offer freebies with their purchase as this would not only provide value for the consumer but also enable you to receive product feedback and leverage excess inventory to create space for new arrivals and save costs. On the other hand, higher income consumers are more willing to spend more on gifts and discretionary purchases, therefore leverage this to inspire them to shop more at the right place. Additionally, provide tailored in-store offerings and services to reach more consumers and drive store traffic.

4. Collaborate with influencers

This festive season, influencers are “gaining ground” and are expected to have a higher impact on the consumer’s purchase decision. Across social media platforms and beyond, Influencer’s recommendations matter even more and are seen as a trustworthy source of information. Live videos of product use, tutorials and Q&A are also among the purchase decision factors and looking at the social media environment, influencers and creators across Instagram and TikTok not only deliver this type of content but also have a higher influencing power. Partner with influencers – product trial, sampling, rating and reviewshighest marketing ROI.

5. Optimize distribution

Offer consumers a seamless and integrated experience across e-commerce and retail. Start the festive offers and promotions early in November – if you haven’t yet – and ensure wide product availability and flexibility for the consumer. Adjust your supply chain to enable fast delivery and expedited shopping around the holidays, and flexible return and exchange options either online or in-store. Ensuring product availability and convenience for the consumer to meet their needs this festive season will deliver a positive brand experience and benefit your brand long-term.

6. CSR: Give back to the community

Christmas is a time for giving. Show that your brand cares about the community and organize an act of kindness to help people in need. Go beyond charity and give back to the community by volunteering and sponsoring an event for underprivileged children, families, elders, and people who do not have Christmas. Participate in the event, hand them gifts, interact and celebrate the holiday together. Share the experience and content on social media in either a post, video, or stories to raise awareness about communities who are less fortunate, but also to demonstrate how your brand supports and stands by them and differentiates.

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