Instagram and Facebook ad-free subscription has arrived

Meta free-ad registration

Written by Barbara MUTANI

November 13, 2023

Have you already received the notification? Meta is rolling out prompts urging users to subscribe to the paid ad-free versions of Facebook and Instagram, a move aligned with Meta’s response to new EU privacy regulations.

Why did Meta decide to create a paid subscription for Instagram and Facebook?

According to Meta, this new option was introduced due to changing regional laws. In response to growing concerns about user privacy and annoyances related to advertisements, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, recently unveiled a new initiative in the European Union. This development marks a strategic shift for the social media giant, introducing an ad-free subscription service to provide users with a better and seamless online experience.


Is Meta (Instagram and Facebook) ad-free registration mandatory?

No, Instagram and Facebook ad-free registration is not mandatory. Users in eligible countries will be asked to choose between subscription and free use of the products. If you choose to continue using Instagram and Facebook for free, you will still be exposed to personalized ads.


How much does the ad-free subscription for Instagram and Facebook cost?

The fee for an ad-free experience browsing Instagram or Facebook is €9.99 per month when purchased on the web, or €12.99 per month if purchased through Google’s or Apple’s app stores. Right now, that subscription fee covers all linked accounts.

However, one-for-all accounts coverage is short-lived. Meta will charge an extra fee for each additional linked profile in a subscriber’s Meta Account Center, starting March 1. The fee is €6 per month if purchased directly or €8 per month through an app store. The ad-free subscription service is only available to users over 18.



Meta’s introduction of an ad-free subscription service in the European Union signals a significant step towards aligning user preferences with its platform offerings. Meta aims to strike a balance between satisfying user expectations for an ad-free experience and maintaining a sustainable business model. As the initiative unfolds, observing the reception of this subscription model among European users and its implications for the broader social media landscape will be interesting.

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