Case Study
ravensburger 3D Puzzles

After the success of the Ravensburger 2D Puzzles, it was time for the 3D puzzles to follow and offer all puzzle fans even more fun. With 2 campaigns we created UGC, online reach and recommendations to boost the Ravensburger product launch of the 3D Puzzle Lamborghini, Porsche and VW Bulli and awareness among the target groups with all 4 Influencer types.

The perfect mix of Influencers reached families, GenZ & millennials.

In the first campaign, 36 Micro Influencers and their children received the puzzles at home. They created emotional content primarily on their Instagram and Facebook account, staging the innovation as a decorative object, and thus created inspiration and authentic referrals for their networks. For a high-reach push, 3 Macro Influencers also got activated. They experienced the puzzle and presented it to their community through Instagram posts (including a Reels video), Instagram Stories, and one TikTok video with a fun storytelling. We had a social commerce approach with swipe-up links inserted to drive traffic to the Ravensburger online store where the 3D puzzle is available.

In the second wave 6 month later, to build on the success of the last campaign and bring results to the next level through the perfect mix of influencers we activated Nano & Star Influencers. Thereby, we boosted sales uplift by generating recommendations and gained authentic consumer insights about the product. Therefore, 150 Nano Influencers had the opportunity to test one of the three 3D puzzle vehicles and puzzle together with their children and/or partners. They created emotional UGC on their social media channels and shared their positive experiences online. Additionally, they were guided via microsite & newsletter for more information and experience exchange. Additionally Finn and Leon Pelz, our Star Influencers turned into Ravensburger Brand Ambassadors. From the last campaign’s success, the TikTok creator Leon has been activated again as the reach and interaction with the followes last time has been a great success. They presented the 3D puzzle to their community in an authentic setting via TikTok video and Instagram stories. Swipe-up links referred to the Ravensburger online shop. 

The two campaigns with all 4 Influencer types could reach over 1.1 million people online through fun and informative content with an great and above average engagement rate of 25,5% and 530 link clicks. Scroll down for more great results! 


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