Case Study

We were excited to embark on a collaboration with the esteemed Spotify platform to introduce and promote a new feature – Spotify Lyrics. This feature allows users to access the lyrics of the currently playing song, enhancing their overall music streaming experience.

TikTok’s Influence to Educate and Engage Audiences

To create widespread awareness and engagement around Spotify Lyrics, we devised a strategy centered on TikTok, leveraging the platform’s popularity among our target audience. Our primary goal was to educate users about the new feature and encourage them to explore its benefits.

Partnering and Educating for Spotify Lyrics Boost

Influencer Activation: We strategically partnered with four macro influencers who boasted strong profiles and a substantial following on TikTok. Each influencer was carefully selected based on their ability to resonate with our target demographic.

Briefing and Education: Before the campaign launch, we conducted thorough briefings with the influencers to ensure they fully understood the intricacies of the Spotify platform and the unique features of Spotify Lyrics. This step was crucial in enabling them to create authentic and compelling content that effectively communicated the value of the new feature.

The Results

The influencers successfully delivered a series of four captivating pieces of content, generating an impressive total view count of 531,100. The engagement metrics underscore the campaign’s effectiveness:

Likes: The videos collectively received 65,022 likes, showcasing the positive reception and engagement from the audience.

Comments: Users actively engaged with the content, contributing 1,870 comments, reflecting a high level of interest and interaction.

Favorites: A noteworthy 1,570 users added the influencer content to their favorites, indicating sustained interest in the Spotify Lyrics feature.

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