Case Study

After a great first wave where we raised awareness about the effectiveness of the Spontex products, we worked again in 2022 with the brand to keep spreading the word about their Microfibre, presenting new products from the range. We went further and wanted to trigger authentic conversation and recommendations from real life consumers and get subscription to the Spontex newsletter and followers on their Instagram account.

How did we select the best influencers?

In order to select the perfect team for this campaign, we conducted a pre-campaign stage among the more than 12,000 interested applicants. This included two steps: an educational phase in which we used a blogpost to share information about this products’ line and their features; and a second gamification phase, in which we created a quiz to test their knowledge and keep the community engaged and educated.

New ambassadors for Spontex

Finally, we could select 500 nano & micro influencers who met the brand’s requirements and were the perfect ambassadors. They were purchase decision makers, were in charge of house cleaning and weren’t users of Spontex. They were on average 38 years old, were used to buy online and 91% cleaned in their houses once or twice a day.


Which was the ambassadors’ mission?

Each ambassador received a kit with 5 products from Microfibre range and one 30% discount code. After a period where we pushed on the participants to try the products, we used specific call to actions to invite them to share their experience. Thanks to the extensive educational phase and the quiz, they shared detailed recommendations offline and online.

Thanks to the 1,245 quality contents published on their social media profiles, they achieved more than 2 million brand impressions and 67,000 likes and comments on their posts. We also invited them to follow the official Spontex Instagram profile and gained 1,200 new followers during the campaign.

They shared their experience also with friend and family in the offline world and reached more than 75,000 face-to-face personal recommendations. They gave them products and the discount code, helping us to increase product trials.


Key consumer insights for the brand

At the end of the plan, the ambassadors shared with us their feedback and opinion on the products. They overall rated them 9.5/10 and evaluated them with positive words, such as Super-absorbents, Durable and Good-quality. 99.5% stated that would recommend the product to their peers and even 97.4% said that would buy the product after the campaign. When we asked them to compare them to the competitor’s products they used to buy, 92.4% said that Spontex microfibres were more effective than competitors’ one.


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