Why integrate paid ads into your influencer campaign

Written by Barbara MUTANI

May 10, 2022

When a brand chooses to launch ads, it usually does so with reach, traffic, and awareness results in mind. Social media now offer sophisticated tools for programming, performance calculation, and targeting. What is left entirely to the discretion of the user, in this case the brand, is creativity. Choosing videos, images, and tone of voice… is not always easy. This is why more and more brands are turning to professional content creators.   

Paid ads on social media are much more effective if they are part of an organic campaign with influencers, as demonstrated by the 1.5 million Paid Media impressions of Grefusa in Spain. Other times, a campaign can be reinforced later with the boost of one or more organically created content (usually the best).  

The difference between Social Ad and Social Boost  

In an organic campaign with influencers, typically, the two most common types of paid content are:  

  • Social media ad: content that is designed before the campaign (sometimes even before the influencer is selected) and has specific objectives, such as driving traffic to a promotion or website via a link. The influencer, often a Macro or Star, is given a briefing with guidelines to follow when creating the content.   
  • Social media boost: strategic sponsoring of a content produced during the campaign. It can be created by any type of influencers, as long as it is of high quality, even better if it has achieved significant organic results.  

The secret lies in the synergy  

Influencer marketing, especially conducted with Nano and Micro influencers, has a great strength: it’s being organic and authentic. It is very powerful, because as a well-known social media player also says:   

 “People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.” 

Mark Zuckerberg   

This great potential is further amplified if, within the framework of a successful campaign, you insert cleverly created paid ads. Indeed, the engagement inherent in the nature of Nano and Micro Influencers is enhanced by the enormous reach provided by paid social media tools. An explosive combination!  

6 goals you can achieve with paid ads integrated into a campaign  

But why would a brand choose to integrate paid ads into an organic campaign?   

Greater reach: the paid amplification of a piece of content allows you to reach a larger audience.  

Optimize your target audience: this larger audience will have well-defined and controllable characteristics, which are the same as your target audience.   

Retargeting: if you integrate paid ad into an organic campaign, there will probably be users who are impacted more than once by your brand message: once spontaneously by an influencer they know, and again by the sponsored content. These users are more likely to enter your sales funnel. If your influencer marketing campaign also coincides with a multi-channel strategy, the results will certainly be even greater!  

Analysis: paid content can of course be measured, and the insights gained are invaluable in improving the performance of future campaigns.  

Content repurpose: the brand can take possession of the rights to paid content and use it in other media. This can be done by entering into a contract with the influencer or agency that represents them.  

Increased traffic: if the aim is to drive traffic to a promotion or website, the increased reach will certainly work in the brand’s favor, as Grazia Palmerini, who worked with us on the Haier campaign in Italy, testifies: 

Cross activity with macro influencers was a key drive. Our Brand Store page on Amazon where we brought in followers. The number of visitors to the brand store during the 90 days post-activity was 4 times higher than the same period last year.”  Grazia Palmerini, E-commerce Key Account Haier 

The world of paid ads is a complex one that has great potential, but you need to know in-depth in order to be able to exploit it to your advantage. We have many successful examples to share with you, best practices and professional advice from our own experience in the field. If you have any questions or would like to know how to integrate them into your marketing strategy, contact us for advice !